a verbal polaroid 1

Here is just a little view into what is currently spinning in my life’s personal soundtrack.

At this point in life I am:

Eating / way too much fast food with the crazy schedule, but at least plenty of hummus.
Drinking / a ridiculous amount of tea until the new Accelerando Coffee House open up again!
Practicing / obscure cello pieces I can get my hands on, which a fun one is American Etudes by Aaron Minsky
Mastering / redecorating my new studio and getting ready for the updated coffeehouse!
Learning / how best to use the amazing technology I now have. I’m a lucky gal!
Trying / to find time for anything non-work related. I seriously am jonesing to paint something terrible.
Playing / “who can out-snuggle each other” with my puppy.
Finishing / anything knitting. Seriously – any of the 4 started projects. Wow.
Reading / Creativity, Inc from the fantastic Pixar company about working in creative businesses and rocking it. Also, slowly reading the Secret History of Wonder Woman, because I fall asleep quickly.
Remembering / how great vegging with netflix is.
Wearing / giant sweaters and boots, because it is 15 degrees out.
Cooking / pasta and whatever veggies we have in the house.
Working / on many different coffee adventures. Stay tuned…
Traveling / not as much as I’d like, but I think a train trip is in my future this spring!
Wanting / to be with friends more. Brunch is needed.I_can_t_seem_to_keep_my_glasses_on_my_face_properly._Darn_you_adorable_but_heavy_frames_


snapshots 2

Here are a few of my favorite moments of 2015!

If_it_could_just_stay_this_tempo_all_day...11349389_1612337929005499_1701725479_n Man__these_kiddos_are_amazing__mscandacesstudio__ocmi2015  Its_bedtime__ellafitzknows (1)_bruuunch 11809942_1521179754809420_103007491_n (1) It_must_be_the_first_day_of__stringsprouts___cello__omaconservatory (1)  Man_I_love_the_cooler_weather_ Black_Friday_spoils_were_not_kind_to_Ella_Fitzgerald__ellafitzknows Still_using_the_stockings_my_wonderful_mother-in-law_made_for_us.____


my brain is filled with inspiration

As my students know I’m at the Chicago Suzuki Institute this week and there are so many passionate students and off-the-wall (but in the best way) that my mind is generating new ideas each second. Dinner isn’t time to eat – it is time to exchange ideas with other teachers and hope that I was able to at least grab a banana to eat at the next concert.

So far my favorite teaching moment was watching a teacher drag a student across the carpet – and the student’s playing immediately improved! Tons more later, bit here is just a glimmer of the new goodies I bought for my studio this week: